A flow diagram of the primary process to be performed at the RPF is provided in Figure 1-3. The primary purpose of these RPF operations will be to provide at least 3,000 6-day Ci of 99Mo product in a safe, economic, and environmentally protective manner. 

FOA No: DE-FOA-0001925 September 30, 2018

Target Fabrication 

LEU target material is fabricated using a combination of fresh LEU and recycled uranium. Target material is encapsulated using metal cladding to contain the LEU and fission products produced during irradiation. Fabricated targets are packaged and shipped to university reactors for irradiation. 

Target Receipt, Disassembly, and Dissolution 

After irradiation, targets are shipped back to the RPF. Irradiated targets are disassembled and metal cladding is removed.Targets are then dissolved into a solution for processing. 

Molybdenum Recovery and Purification 

Dissolved LEU solution is processed to recover and purify 99Mo. Purified 99Mo is packaged in certified shipping containers and shipped to a radiopharmaceutical distributor. 

Uranium Recovery and Recycle 

LEU solution is treated to recover uranium and remove trace contaminants and is recycled back to Step 1 to be made into new targets via the target fabrication system.