NWMI has completed the following activities to date:

Radioisotope Production Facility

  • Finalized siting and land lease at Discovery Ridge located in Columbia, Missouri

  • Received approximately $7 million in tax abatements from Boone County, Missouri

  • Completed facility preliminary design and initiated final design

  • 10 CFR 50 Construction Permit approved by the NRC in May 2018 

  • Exemption issued for construction of the 10 CFR 70 portion of the RPF in November 2018

  • Final environmental impact statement (EIS) published by the NRC in May 2017

  • Initiated development of NRC Operating License Application and preconstruction activities

Research and development

  • Completed technology proof of concept testing (e.g., irradiation, target fabrication, processing) with both natural uranium and LEU

  • Completed and continuing large-scale 99Mo production to support 99mTc generator testing 

University research reactors

  • University reactor network identified; commercial irradiation services agreements complete

  •  NRC OSTR license amendment (approved 1/2016) for irradiation of three prototypic targets