The NWMI project strategy is founded on credible plans based on proven results obtained to date, executed by action-oriented management, and driven by performance measurement. NWMI has developed a project to deliver more than 3,000 6-day curies (Ci) of 99Mo by early 2023. 

Our implementation strategy is built on four primary principles. 

99Mo delivery/performance assurance 

DOE has made a significant investment in the domestic production of 99Mo technologies, services, and approaches. We have embraced this challenge and will safely apply our technical and project expertise to ensure project success. 

Exceeding regulatory requirements

Our regulatory strategy is flexible and includes contingency plans if any licensing or permitting approvals are delayed. 

Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) excellence

The protection of workers, public, and the environment is our greatest challenge and responsibility. Since high-hazard activities will be a daily occurrence, we enforce a rigid nuclear safety culture to ensure that all RPF operations, irradiation services, transportation, etc. are performed safely and effectively, as a way of life. 

Proven technology application

Our process technologies are robust, mature, and fully demonstrated for the production of 99Mo.